3 Things That Prevent Your Furnace From Warming Your House Even Though It's Running

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When your furnace isn't keeping your house warm, call a heating contractor to figure out the problem rather than just turning up the thermostat. Turning up the thermostat causes you to waste money on a higher power bill, and it also masks an underlying problem with your furnace. Here are three things that could be responsible when your furnace can't heat up your home.

1. The Furnace Is Short Cycling

If you hear the blower running, and you can feel warm air coming out of the registers but your house isn't getting as warm as it should, the problem could be short cycling. This is a situation where your furnace doesn't run as long as it should. Instead, it has a short heating cycle that doesn't allow your home to reach the thermostat temperature before the furnace shuts off.

Short cycling can happen for safety reasons. If your furnace overheats, it may shut itself down to cool off before starting again. This furnace problem can have a number of causes, so a heating contractor will need to check all the parts of your furnace to determine what needs to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced.

2. A Heating Element Is Bad

If you have an electric furnace, the problem might be with a heating element when the furnace won't warm up your house. Instead of using flames to heat the air, an electric furnace has heating elements inside that make the air warm before it blows through your house.

If an element goes bad or if wiring or other parts that control the elements go bad, the furnace won't heat your home very well if at all. A heating repair technician can replace a bad element and get your furnace working again.

3. The Filter Is Clogged Or The Wrong Type

Be sure to check your filter. If it has a thick dust mat on it, air won't be able to circulate through your furnace and warm up your house. Also, think back to when your furnace problems began. If your furnace stopped working normally after switching filter types, you may need to go back to your old style of filter. Some older furnaces may not work as well with allergy filters that reduce airflow.

A furnace that runs but doesn't keep you warm is frustrating. Check the filter first, and if that doesn't help, call a heating contractor so you're comfortable in your home and so you don't waste electricity trying to keep warm. You might even cause worse damage by operating your furnace when it isn't working properly, and that could lead to more expensive repairs or a complete furnace breakdown.