Common Portable AC Unit Problems and Effective Solutions

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If you have a portable AC unit, you're probably glad you didn't have to spend a fortune on it. That being said, these less expensive units still will face problems over the years. Here are a couple of issues that will probably happen along with some worthwhile solutions for them. 

Full Water Reservoir

Almost every portable AC unit today has a reservoir at the bottom that collects condensation that is created by this unit. When this reservoir gets too full, sensors will kick in and stop your AC unit from working. They're supposed to do this to ensure you respond before water overflows and gets everywhere.

As soon as you hear these sensors go off, unplug the portable AC unit and set it up to where you can place a bowl beneath the reservoir drain plug. Then, undo this plug and water will flow right out. If you do this at the appropriate times, your portable AC unit will work great consistently.

Lack of Airflow

If you use this portable AC unit a lot, then the filters inside will collect a lot of dirt and debris. Eventually, airflow will be greatly restricted and that can hinder how much cool air is produced by this system. You'll know this has happened if you can't feel a strong flow of air current coming from this unit.

Addressing this problem isn't that difficult. You just need to take the filters out and clean them quickly. Spraying water over them is the fastest method for getting rid of dust and dirt. Once the filters are clean and put back, you should notice airflow being restored to its original strength.

Foul Odors

Sometimes foul odors will come from your portable AC unit. This usually is a sign of the presence of mold. If you notice bad smells, stop using this machine right away and address the possible growth of mold. If you don't, you could harm your health. 

Dealing with mold on the inside can be a little difficult because you may have to take this system apart. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, hire AC repair technicians. They can open up compartments, identify the source of mold, and remove it properly.

Portable AC units may not be as popular as centralized cooling units, but they can still provide cool air when you need it. If you know how to deal with problems regarding these smaller systems, there won't be anything keeping you from getting cool air at just the right times.