2 Tips For Getting The Water Moving Before Pouring Chemical Drain Cleaner Down Your Kitchen Sink's Completely Clogged Drain

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Lately, every time you use your sink, you may have noticed that the water is not draining as quickly as it did in the past. Then, one day it may have become completely clogged up with no water draining at all. While you may be thinking about using a chemical drain cleaner, know that it will only work on the clog if it can reach it, so the water must be at least partially draining. Before you pour the drain cleaner down your kitchen sink's completely clogged drain, try the following tips to help get the water moving at least a little bit.

1.  Use a Plunger to Dislodge the Blockage

One thing that you can try when attempting to getting your kitchen sink's drain at least a little unclogged is using a plunger. Even if you cannot create enough suction to completely dislodge the blockage, you may be able to move it enough to allow water to flow past the clog as well as the drain cleaner.

When choosing a plunger, make sure that you use a c-shaped plunger as opposed to a bell-shaped toilet plunger. While the latter is ideal for the large hole in the toilet bowl, it will not securely fit around the sink drain to create a proper seal.

As a side note, never try to use a plunger after using a drain cleaner. The chemicals could splash up into your face or onto your body and cause serious burns.

2.  Try Pouring Hot Water in the Sink to Soften the Clog

If you do not have a c-shaped plunger or have already tried and failed when using it, another thing that you can try is pouring a few cups of boiling water into the sink. Even though the water may not reach the clog directly, the high heat may warm up the water already present enough to at least soften the clog.

Just make sure that you stand back and pour the water slowly so as not to allow it to splash up on you.

If you are able to get the water moving slowly down the drain, you can then try to use a chemical drain cleaner to bust up the clog. However, depending on how badly the drain is clogged, you still may not have any success in clearing it out. Or, you may find that the drain refuses to drain at all. In either case, contact a plumber who offers clogged drain cleaning services to have them come out and take care of your stopped-up sink for you.