Oh No! The Toilet Won't Flush—Do You Need A Drain Cleaning Service?

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Just as you always do, you reach for the lever on the toilet to flush it. The water whooshes into the bowl, but it refuses to go back down the drain. Sounds like your toilet is refusing to flush, and this can be a frustrating situation. Unfortunately, even though these drainage lines are often bigger than those in the rest of the house, toilet drains can and do get clogged and refuse to flush. You probably are considering grabbing a plunger, but you have also already pulled up a drain cleaning service on your phone. Here are a few questions that are likely floating around in your mind. 

How much will it cost to have the toilet drain professionally unclogged?

Getting that toilet unclogged by a professional probably will not be all that expensive. Angie's List reports that most people pay between $109 to $273 to have a toilet drain cleared. If the idea of trying to go after this ugly blockage on your own really disturbs you, the price of professional drain cleaning services will be worth every penny for sure.

Will the plumber be able to get to you quickly?

In these situations, it can be best to call on a professional drain cleaning service that advertises emergency services. These pros will be able to get to you in a hurry so you won't be stuck with a clogged toilet for very long. If you only have one toilet in the house and that one toilet is dysfunctional, this can, by all rights, be a bit of an emergency situation. 

What if you are embarrassed to call about a clogged toilet?

It is not at all uncommon for a toilet to get clogged in such a bad way that it cannot be flushed. Sometimes, there may be waste floating in the bowl that simply will not go down. This does happen, and plumbers see this kind of problem every day. Even though it can be a bit embarrassing to bring in a stranger in such a situation, you should know that this is something every plumber has done many times. 

Should you try using a plunger first?

If you don't mind using a plunger to try to fix the situation, go for it. In some cases, you can push a clog through the line with a little effort. However, you could also make the issue worse if the clog is being cased by a large obstruction because you will just push the clog further into the drain.