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Being Prepared To Respond To Sewer Line Problems

Sewer line problems can be extremely stressful for homeowners to experience due to the smells, expensive repairs and disruptions that they may cause. Unfortunately, sewer line issues can be very common in older homes. Whether you have recently purchased an older home or have lived in one for years, there are sizable benefits to learning as much as possible about all of the various plumbing threats to these properties, including sewer line malfunctions.

What Factors Contribute To A Home Suffering Sewer Line Malfunctions?

Clogs are some of the most routine problems that the sewer line will encounter, and it is most often the result of excessive amounts of solid material flowing through the sewer line. Also, hard water can contribute to this problem by leaving deposits that will gradually decrease the flow capacity of the sewer line. Roots entering through the joints of the sewer line piping can be another frequent issue. Lastly, line ruptures can be another problem that may arise. The sewer line freezing is a possible source of this type of damage, and increasing the amount of soil covering the line can help to reduce this issue as it will help to insulate the line. If this fails to correct the problem, it may be necessary to replace the sewer line with one that has more effective insulation.

How Can You Identify The Issue That Is Causing Your Sewer Line Problem?

Video inspections are the most efficient option for determining a sewer line problem as it will allow a technician to see inside the sewer line. If the damage is too subtle to be seen with video evaluations, excavating the entire line may be required. Fortunately, it is rare for a sewer line problem to be unable to be detected with a video inspection.

Is It Necessary To Repair Minor Sewer Leaks?

A minor leak might seem like it could be ignored. However, many communities have stiff fines for homeowners that fail to correct leaking sewer lines. This is necessary due to the extreme health hazard this unsanitary water can pose. In addition to direct exposure causing severe illness, the bacteria from these leaks may also make it into drinking water or crops.

What Is Done To Repair A Ruptured Sewer Line?

Ruptured sewer lines can be some of the most severe problems for this part of the plumbing system. When the sewer line ruptures, large amounts of wastewater may be able to rapidly leak into the surrounding ground. This may cause puddles to form, which can cause the entire yard to develop a foul smell. Eventually, this rupture can lead to erosion that may permanently alter the appearance of your landscaping.

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Sewer line problems can be extremely stressful for homeowners to experience due to the smells, expensive repairs and disruptions that they may cause.