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Why Plumbing Installation Prep Is Critical To Success

When dealing with plumbing installation efforts, it's a good idea to take advantage of the situation with a new house to ensure that you'll be fully prepared to succeed. Working with a plumbing contractor, you'll have to handle a wide range of challenges, from getting permits to putting in fixtures. Keeping an eye out for problems in these four specific areas, however, will improve the chances that everything will go smoothly.


Connecting to an outside water system to bring in a supply is one of the first steps in the process, as is seeing that proper drainage is in place for waste disposal. Foremost, you should assess how much water pressure will be available from the main supply, as this will dictate whether you may need to add equipment to provide additional pressure. You'll also need to think seriously about what your peak usage will be in order to provide an appropriate amount of drainage.

A fresh plumbing installation is a chance to think about how to make your setup as minimally annoying as possible. Laying out and labeling shut off valves for each room that receives water will reduce headaches down the road. You may also want to include spare tie-ins close to the source to ensure you'll be able to expand capacity as needed.


There will be a number of local and state regulations that apply to how you use your water supply, and it's wise to brush up on them by speaking with your local code enforcement officer. You should also discuss your layout with someone from the water company to ensure that all your water usage will be properly billed. This is especially important when adding outside water distribution for things like sprinklers and pools, where local limits may be in place.


If you're thinking about any unusual additions to your system, those oddities should be talked about early on in the planning process. You may, for example, want to set up a gray water capture system to improve your ecological footprint. Similar conversations should be had about more advanced items, such as tankless water heaters.


It's tempting to try to get every run of pipe installed as tightly as possible, but this can limit your options down the road. Consulting with a plumbing contractor before you start a build will allow you to leave some room to future-proof your house.

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