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Is A Root Blocking Your Pipe?

No one really spends a lot of time thinking about the inner workings of our homes. Electricity enters, roofs do their job, and toilets flush without a thought or a problem. When something disturbs one of the major but unseen systems of our homes it can be disconcerting; mostly because you've never considered how quickly your life could be affected by a problem. When plumbing problems happen, they can make for a very unpleasant situation. Read on to learn about one common issue: root invasions.

What to know about the lateral pipe

When you flush or send water down the drain from a washing machine or dishwasher, it generally flows outward toward the street in a single pipe. The lateral pipe is a larger pipe, but it can be no less apt to be clogged if the wrong things get in it; this pipe often runs out of your house and underneath your front yard where it meets up with the main city pipe that might flow under the street. If you experience problems with the lateral, you can forget pushing the issue off onto the city; it is probably going to be your responsibility to get things righted.

Signs of trouble to watch out for

If you have a problem in your lateral, the size of it may make it more unlikely that you would notice anything amiss; at least at first. You might notice that it is taking a lot longer for your toilet to completely flush or you may even begin to hear strange gurgles coming from your drains as time passes. These are all warning signs to have a plumber inspect your plumbing, because if ignored awful smells and raw sewage could begin backing up into your home before you know it.

The invasive root in your yard

To locate the problem, your plumber may do some testing along the lateral to locate the issue using tiny cameras and moisture detecting equipment. Once the area is located, you might find some new holes in your yard. There is sometimes nothing that can be done but to replace the damaged pipe, but you might be asking yourself "how did this clog happen?"

Roots seek water

They can't help themselves; the tiniest indication of moisture will draw a root toward the source and then the roots can actually invade the pipe itself. The growing and expanding root will eventually almost completely block the pipe which leads to the nastiness inside your home.


  1. Locate your lateral pipe by speaking with a professional plumbing company like Mr. Plumber.
  2. Remove any nearby bushes or trees.
  3. Use only landscaping that has less-aggressive root systems in the future.
  4. Speak to a professional plumber to learn more about preventing clogs and invasions in your pipes.

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