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4 Reasons To Have An Outdoor Sink Installed

Getting the family outside during the summer is becoming harder each year as technological distractions increase. One way to get everyone enjoying this fabulous weather is by having an outdoor sink installed on your property. An outdoor sink can make all sorts of activities easier that you probably have never thought about. Here are just some of the great uses you can get out of your own outdoor sink.

1. Gardening

Any time you dig in new bulbs or tear out some weeds, your tools will get dirty. It's bad for your back to bend over and stoop down to scrub them with the water hose. Yet leaving them dirty encourages rust and can spread disease between plants. An outdoor utility sink is easily installed so you can stand in a comfortable position while you clean the dirt off your tools. Keeping the sink outdoors allows you to keep the dirt from flowing into your septic system. You can also install a gray water tank so you can reuse the wash water to water your plants.

2. Cleaning Fish and Game

If you are and avid fisher or hunter, it's important to have a place that is easy to wash up and disinfect when you are trying to clean your catch. You don't have to worry about getting your kitchen covered in scales and slime just to clean a few fish. You can just hose off the entire outdoor sink when you are finished. Cutting down the time and effort you need to prepare game will make it far easier to enjoy your hobby, even the hardest parts.

3. Cooking Outdoors

Cooking outdoors can make such a mess that you leave those barbecue sauce covered plates and utensils for days to avoid bringing them inside your clean kitchen. An outdoor sink makes it far less frustrating to deal with those dirty cookout leftovers. Set up the outdoor sink so the plumbing is easily accessible and you can quickly troubleshoot a clog and remove it. You can even run your water hose down the drain to push out a blockage of grease or fat without getting water all over the kitchen floor.

4. Helping the Kids

Children learn a lot while getting messy outside, but then they make an even bigger mess when they try to clean themselves. Outdoor sinks allow them to make water balloons and play without getting water all over your house. When the fun is all done, the children can clean the mud off themselves and their shoes before ever entering your home. This allows your children to be kids and your home to stay clean all at the same time.

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