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Creating A Full-Service Party Venue In Your Backyard

When throwing a party in your backyard, you may want to keep guests out of your home. Too many guests using the restrooms can result in plumbing issues, and having people inside can also make some party hosts feel uncomfortable. Creating a full-service party venue in your backyard can keep your outdoor party guests outside instead of in the home. Here are some ways you can accomplish this task while still making your guests feel comfortable and welcome.

Rent Portable Toilets

The main challenge with outdoor parties is providing toilet facilities without taxing your home's plumbing. Placing a few portable toilets at the back of your yard can make this challenge easy to overcome. Situate these portable restroom facilities away from the main party area, such as near the alley or along the side of the garage. Work with the toilet rental company to arrange for portable hand-washing stations and hand sanitizer dispensers to help ensure people are able to maintain personal hygiene at the event.

Stage The Garage

Guests may want to head indoors for any number of reasons, such as letting little ones take a nap or simply getting away from the hot sun for a few moments. Stage the garage to create an indoor space for guests to escape the sun. Place cozy patio furniture inside for guests to relax on. This will also free up some available space in the yard for banquet-style tables and other party equipment. If there will be small children at the party, consider adding a few portable play yards and some toys for them to play with. Keep a few fans running in the garage to keep the area cool, and add a cooler filled with beverages for guests to enjoy.

Create A Food Tent

Instead of leaving food on a table in the backyard, create a food tent that protects your burgers, dogs, and sides from insects and pests. Choose a screened-in tent that is long enough to accommodate a long banquet table, and stage the food there until it's time to eat. When the buffet opens for guests, simply unzip the opening in the tent to invite guests to help themselves. Even with the entrance open, the surrounding screens can keep insects gaining access to the food to a minimum. This means you can keep food out of the kitchen inside the home while still making the buffet enjoyable for your guests.

Hang Party Lights

As the sun begins to set, there is a temptation to go inside where there is more light. If you want to keep guests outside of the home, prepare for this by hanging party lights throughout the backyard. Lanterns or simple twinkling lights can add to the party atmosphere while also providing essential illumination. Have the lights set up before guests arrive so you can simply flip a switch to brighten up the yard.

Look for other options to make sure everyone has access to the things they might need while at your party. Investing in a mini fridge for the garage, for example, provides a handy way for parents to store milk or formula for small children. A privacy screen and cozy chair can turn one corner of your garage into a nursing room for mothers of young infants. With these little touches, guests can appreciate your thoughtfulness without feeling unwelcome in your home.

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