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3 Tips To Help Your Furnace Last Longer

Stepping out of the cold winter weather and into a warm home is something that many people look forward to. Maintaining your home's heating system is the only way to ensure you will always have a warm space to come home to, but homeowners are often looking for ways to cut costs when it comes to home maintenance.

Extending the life of your furnace by engaging in some simple preparatory tasks will help you keep your maintenance and utility costs low and prevent the need for a new heating system in the near future.

1. Check your weatherstripping.

Many homeowners fail to realize just how much hot air is escaping their home in the wintertime. As cold weather sets in, you should carefully check all of the weatherstripping around your home's doors and windows.

Look for signs of cracking or peeling around the edges of the weatherstripping. Run your hand along the length of the weatherstripping to feel for any cold spots. Damaged weatherstripping should be replaced to prevent heat transfer during the winter, allowing your furnace to run more efficiently.

2. Clean your outdoor condenser.

Your outdoor condenser unit plays an important role in heating your home. Air from the environment is drawn into your heating system through the condenser, channeled into the furnace, and heated to be distributed throughout your home.

An outdoor condenser unit that is dirty could compromise the efficiency of your furnace. Your heating system will have to work harder to draw in enough air through the debris covering the condenser, resulting in your furnace getting overworked and failing prematurely. Brush leaves, twigs, and other debris away from your outdoor condenser as cold weather sets in to maximize your home's heating potential.

3. Utilize your ceiling fan.

If you think your ceiling fan is just to keep cool in the summer, you could be missing out on some energy savings that might improve the efficiency of your home's heating system.

Setting your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise will pull air upward. Since heat rises, the heated air near your ceiling will be displaced as the fan draws new air upward, returning this heated air to your room.

You will be able to lower the temperature setting on your thermostat while still maintaining a comfortable temperature when you make use of your ceiling fan during the winter. This allows you to reduce your furnace's workload, helping the heating appliance last as long as possible. Contact a service, like Bill Rhiner's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, for further help.

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