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Red Flags That Signal It's Time For A New Water Heater Installation

Water heater installation is a major home upgrade, which means you need to know if this home improvement project is absolutely necessary. No homeowner wants to replace a water heater before its time is up. So how do you know if yours is on its way out or just needs a repair?

Take a look at red flags that signal the need for a new water heater.

Water and Leaks

The water heater tank should never leak. If you see water on the floor under the appliance, something is wrong. Keep in mind, water heaters that are installed in basement or utility areas may be near other water sources. Always check to make sure that the leak isn't coming from the washing machine, the heater/air conditioner's condensate pump, or the exterior wall.

A water heater that continues to leak is inefficient and can cause serious damage to your home. As the water streams out it can ruin furniture, carpeting or household items that are in its path. Along with directly damaging your property, sitting water provides the moisture needed to support mold growth. A mold infestation can cause health problems that range from skin irritations to asthma and other respiratory issues.

Age Limit

Water heaters don't last forever. The average hot water heater lasts from 6 to 12 years. Does this mean that when your appliance celebrates its twelfth birthday you need to immediately replace it? Probably not.

If your water heater is near, at, or over the upper age of its potential lifespan and it has other issues, it's time to replace it. But if it works just as well right now as it did 10 years ago, you can hold off on adding the installation expense. Keep in mind, even though you may not replace the water heater right now, it isn't likely to last much longer. Now is the time to talk to a plumber and investigate your water heater options.

Cold Water

This appliance has one job — to heat water. When you turn the shower knob on you expect warm water to come out. If the water doesn't heat up, something isn't working properly.

A qualified plumber can assess the problem and find out what the cause is. Chances are it's the water heater. A plumbing professional can recommend repairs or replacement, depending on the severity of the problem. You can contact companies like Rolling Bay Plumbing for more information.

When should you replace your hot water heater? A new install is necessary if the symptoms you're seeing either don't have fixes, or the repairs would outweigh the cost of a replacement. Before making any major decisions, always consult an expert. 

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