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Emergency Plumbing Tips And Other Helpful Advice To Follow

Learn all you can about home plumbing emergency tips, so you can take care of as many plumbing issues as possible on your own. However, don't be afraid to recognize and admit defeat as soon as you see that a plumbing problem may be beyond your capabilities. Getting a plumber out as soon as you see that the issue you are dealing with is beyond you will help prevent major issues from arising. Here are some tips that will help you stay on top of your plumbing:

Put together an emergency plumbing kit

One of the things you want to be sure you have on hand is an emergency plumbing kit that you can quickly grab in the midst of a plumbing issue. Here are some of the things you want to be sure you have inside of your emergency plumbing kit –

  • A bucket which can also be used as the place where you put all the tools. The bucket can be placed under pipes to catch dripping water when it is needed.
  • A toilet plunger and a sink plunger.
  • Pliers and adjustable wrenches.
  • A multi-bit screwdriver.
  • A set of Allen wrenches.
  • Duct tape.
  • Plumber's tape.
  • Clean rags.

Find your shut off valves

The shutoff valves for the sinks and toilets should be easy to find because they should be located right near them. However, the main water shut off valve can be located somewhere harder to locate. This means you want to look around until you find it, so you can get to it right away if need be.

Learn how to replace a pipe under the sinks

One of the most common problems many people find themselves dealing with is pipe clogs, especially under the sinks. Usually, the clog will happen in the curved pipes. Another common issue is dealing with leaking or cracked pipes. If you have an issue with a pipe you can reach, then you should be able to replace, tighten or unclog it easily.

Shut off the water to the sink before you start. Put the bucket under the area to catch water in the pipes. Loosen the connectors for the affected pipe and remove it. Clean off both ends and remove the plumbing tape if you will be putting that pipe back in. Unclog clogs if this is the issue. Put new tape on if a leak was the issue. Put tape on a new pipe if you are replacing a cracked one. Put the corrected pipe back in place after the tape is on and tighten the connections tightly, but with your hands. Turn the water on.

Keep your drains clean

It's important to make sure you don't allow food and grease to go down the kitchen sink and keep hair and other things like cotton out of the bathroom sinks. You also want to clean your drains regularly. You can use store-bought cleaners or use baking soda and vinegar. Clean drains are drains that will give you fewer issues with clogging.

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