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Creating Hygiene Stations At Your Camp Ground

When summer camping season goes into full swing, your campground may experience a large influx of visitors. With lots of people comes a need for extra hygiene facilities. Here are a few ways you can help meet the needs of your campers when your campground is at capacity. Arrange each of these setups close to each other to create a hygiene station for your campers to enjoy.

Portable Shower Trailers

Portable shower trailers are ideal for campgrounds that serve lots of families, as it gives parents a way to ensure their little ones stay clean without having to set up their own portable shower tents. You can rent a trailer, or several, for this purpose. These trailers feature multiple stalls with separate entry doors, providing extra privacy for children and adults alike.

Locker System

Campers may have a need to lock up personal possessions when using the shower facilities or portable restrooms, or they may simply want a place to secure their wallets and purses while at your campground. Adding a set of lockers to each hygiene station can provide a valuable service. You'll want to place the lockers under a tent or pavilion structure to protect the items stored inside from the rain. Situate this immediately next to the showers so people can quickly stash keys and wallets before going to get cleaned up.

Personal Hygiene Vending Machines

Your campers may need access to soaps and shampoos while using the hygiene stations at your campground. If you don't have a general store or gift shop at your campground already, consider setting up vending machines near the shower area. These vending machines can be stocked with washcloths, toothbrushes, soaps, and a wide range of other personal items. During the off-season, having the vending machines brought inside, or ask your rental company to haul them away until the following summer.

Portable Restroom Trailers

While traditional portable toilets can work well throughout your campground, you may want to consider a more sophisticated option for your hygiene stations. Portable restroom trailers come complete with sinks, running water, electricity, and counter space. These restrooms can be used for tending to a range of personal hygiene tasks, and they provide a comfortable place for parents to help little ones with the toilet and other tasks.

Use these ideas to create centralized hygiene stations throughout your campground. You may even want to advertise that you will have these options available during the busy season. It can help your campground stand out from the competition and attract more visitors next year. You can contact companies like B & B Drain Tech Inc for more information. 

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