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Frequent Sink Drain Stoppages And Why Your Kids May Be To Blame

Drain stoppage occurs for all manner of reasons. Most of the time, the clogs are caused by mats of wet and decaying hair. However, if you notice your bathroom sink drain repeatedly clogging and backing up, your kids could be to blame. Here is why.

The Kids Are Using Too Much Hand Soap and Cold Water

As good as it is for removing dirt, germs, and bacteria, excess hand soap that is not lathered up tends to build up in small sink drains. It sits like glue in your drain trap, not really budging. If your kids also think that they have to wash with cold water instead of warm or hot, that excess unused hand soap quickly turns into an unpleasant sludge in your drain trap. The hot water would normally chase the soap down, but cold water slows it down.

The Kids Are Dropping Objects Down the Drain

Whether intentionally, or by accident, kids will put the strangest stuff down drains. Missing an earring or ring after leaving it in the bathroom cabinet? The kids probably knocked it down the drain. Is the drain plug removable? Then your kids probably pulled it out to drop larger objects, like rubber bouncy balls and small toys, down the drain to see how far these objects will go. Nobody knows what kids are thinking when they do this, but it is a surefire way to clog up and back up your sink drain.

The Kids Are Pouring Craft Materials Down the Sink Drain

At school, your kids are told to pour their leftover glue, their paint, and other semi-liquid to liquid craft materials in the sink. It makes perfect sense to them to come home, do an art or craft project, and dump the extra materials down the drain. Unfortunately, your bathroom sink drain does not have the same plumbing or ability to flush down these materials as the giant washtub sinks at school do. You can tell that your kids are doing this when the backup in the sink is colored the same shade as the materials that your kids used, it is opaque white from glue, or it has a ton of glitter floating in it.

Drain Repairs That Work for All of the Above

Thankfully, as any plumber will tell you, the drain repairs for all the things your kids did (and will do!) is to take the plumbing under the sink apart. Find the trap and remove it. Whatever your kids have stuck inside, from your jewelry to toys to globs of soap, glue and paint, can all be removed by hand. Clean the trap out thoroughly and empty it into a bucket to sort out what you want to keep later. Then put everything back together and run the water through. 

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