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Low Maintenance Water Supply Tips For Businesses

You want to provide high quality water to your employees, but you don't want to have to put a lot of leg work into it. Your water supply should be a seamless and continuous part of your business operation. Here are some options for streamlining the supply of high quality water.

Build it Into Your Faucets

If you are in a permanent business space, it can be worth the investment to put your water quality control right into the taps. This refers to having a water treatment specialist install a water filtration system that filters water before it even comes out of the tap. Generally, for businesses, this would involve one or two reverse osmosis tanks under the sink that contain a reservoir of water that flows directly to the taps. Some sink setups can allow for both filtered and non-filtered water, with the filter coming on with the switch of a lever. Non-filtered water could be used for washing dishes, while the filtered water should be used for drinking.

Also consider having water softener services added in the same way. They can be kept under the sink and incorporated into a system that already contains a water filter; the two sources of water flow together through installation of connective PVC piping.

Use a Standalone System

You can also rent standalone water filters, and this is often what businesses choose if they are renting a space and don't want to make modifications to the infrastructure. These standalone filters work in two main ways. They could connect to the tap and filter the water internally. They could also have an attachment for filtered water jugs that are delivered on a regular (daily or weekly) basis. Since there is a regular delivery schedule calculated based on the number of employees and your volume of water usage, the system is fairly easy to maintain. And with any rented water filter system, you don't have to worry about breakdowns; there is no added cost, and the company will replace the system for you.

Bottled Water Delivery

The final option is to have bottled water delivered to your business in individual sizes. You may choose to have this done even if you have one of the solutions above. It's worth it to be able to offer individual, sealed bottles of water to conference or meeting participants on the fly. Round it out with soda or juice delivery and you'll have a more comprehensive set of beverages for everyone.

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